Esar Simó

He is in high demand as a Jazz Acoustic Bass player in Dominican Republic. He studied classical performance at the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico and is currently a member of the Dominican National Symphonic Orchestra. In popular music he is known for participating in Urban and Hip Hop projects.


Josean Jacobo

Piano player, composer, arranger and one of the most sought-after performers in the current Dominican Jazz Music scene. He studied Jazz Composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and composition for Cinema-Multimedia at the EMU in Argentina. He is the leader and main song writer of the band “Josean Jacobo y Tumbao”.


Otoniel Nicolás

Due to his musical diversity and rhythm strength, he is considered one of the best Drummer-Percussionist in the country. His style is based in Roots and explosive folkloric rhythms, combined with the subtlety and elegance of Classic Jazz. He is also part of interesting and innovative projects such as “Xiomara Fortuna” and “Jasser Tejeda y pa´lo tre´”.


Jonatan Piña Duluc

A 5 times winner of the National Music Award (the most prestigious in the country). He is a Composer and a Multi-instrumentalist (Tenor saxophone in this project). His musical prowess comprises Classical-Choir, fusion rock, Progressive Rock and Afro-Dominican Jazz.


Isaac Hernández

Guitarist, director and main Composer of IH5. He studied Jazz Guitar at the Contemporary Music School of Buenos Aires (in affiliation with Berklee College of Music).