Starting in 2000, Isaac Hernández has done an extensive work recording and performing for many artists, in a great variety of music genres. During his studies in Argentina, he started to develop his current and must consistent personal project: The Isaac Hernandez 5tet. This band is committed to a new way of mixing a subtle and elegant Jazz (marked by improvisation), with native rhythms of the Dominican Republic. After just 2 years (starting in 2012), the IH5 began a series of successfully produced shows in many Dominican venues, such as Terrazas del Mesón de la Cava, Hotel Dominican Fiesta, Jardines del Embajador, Cinema Café-Plaza de la Cultura, Soho Rooftop-Jazz Mondays (Santiago de los Caballeros).


With a groundbreaking style, Isaac Hernández (as a composer) presents “his Jazz”, with a repertoire of original music that no one can ignore.

In the present year 2014, the band just finished recording their debut album Perspectiva. The album was officially released in october.

The project is already recognized for its innovative character and original sound, mixing Swing, Bebop, Traditional Jazz, Avant Garde, Free Jazz, Nu Jazz and Latin Jazz with a strong base of Dominican folkloric music (Pri-prí, Congos, Bachata, Pambiche and Gagá). Hernández is supported by Josean Jacobo (piano), Esar Simó (acoustic bass), Otoniel Nicolás (drums) and Jonathan Piña (tenor sax).


Josean Jacobo: Piano
Esar Simo: Acoustic bass
Otoniel Nicolás: Drums
Jonatan Piña: Tenor sax
Isaac Hernández: Guitar